Karen Belz
Updated Nov 22, 2016 @ 6:35 am
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Credit: NBC

It’s always good to have a couple laughs before diving into a big holiday. So, let’s give thanks to Jimmy Fallon and his segment “Do Not Read,” which highlights a few very real, very hilarious books that actually exist in the world today. (And hey — since you can buy a bunch of them on Amazon, maybe watching this will help you compile a great holiday gift list this year!)

“Do Not Read” is a recurring segment that’s great for a bunch of reasons. Not only does it spotlight a few interesting literary selections out there, but it really is the proof you need that with a little time and dedication, you, too, could write a book. The sky’s the limit!

Uh, Upside Down Vests To Make And Paint? Reusing your denim jeans? Sure, why not?

Fallon also highlights classics like Parents, Please Don’t Sit On Your Kids, and Clay Modeling With Pooh. Okay, so we know just by looking at the title that the last one is innocent, but — if you say it out loud with no context, you might get a few weird glances. (As an Amazon reviewer stated back in 2009, “The title is really a very poor choice.”)

“Do Not Read” will not only make you laugh, but it might inspire you to find your own funny book titles this week — you know, if you happen to need a short break from family time and turkey.