Karen Belz
Updated Jan 13, 2017 @ 6:50 am
Credit: NBC

There are so many segments we love on The Tonight Show, but “First Drafts Of Rock” is definitely quite special. Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon covered “Lola” by The Kinks, joking that the very first time it was performed was…well, way different from the version we hear on the radio today.

According to original singer Ray Davies, “Lola” was about falling in love with a transvestite, although others predict it might have actually been about transgender actress Candy Darling, who was quite inspirational to the rock scene. (In fact, she was also mentioned in a Lou Reed song around the same time.)

While the exact story was never proven, one thing’s for sure — it’s not about donuts. But in Fallon and Bacon’s eyes, the song definitely revolves around our favorite pastries.

We have to admit, while we adore the final version, this “first draft” definitely has some hilarious lyrics.

Sammy Sosa, the Toyota Corolla, yoga, and gorgonzola cheese also get a mention in the song. While very goofy, it’ll probably be in your head all day.

The Kinks had more members than two, but Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon are likely portraying Ray Davies and his brother Dave. While they have yet to comment on the parody, surely they’ll at least forgive Fallon and Bacon for wearing those wigs!