Olivia Harvey
September 25, 2017 4:07 pm

The Big Bang Theory cast and crew just started working on Season 11 of the Emmy Award-winning show. And after a decade of playing the quirky and blunt Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons discussed the future of Big Bang during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Specifically, he answered the question, How much longer will Sheldon be in our lives?

Parsons’ funny and ridiculously smart character is explored further in Young Sheldon, which premieres tonight on CBS. The new show comes from Big Bang producers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, and Parsons himself is also an executive producer and provides narration.

But if you’re thinking Young Sheldon is looking like a great segue for Parsons to leave Big Bang, think again.

The actor told EW that the sitcom is contracted through Season 12, so we’ll be seeing him in Sheldon’s shoes for quite some time.

Whenever The Big Bang Theory wraps things up, we’ll also feel fulfilled in many ways after having followed its characters for over a decade.