Rachel Paige
August 23, 2016 11:30 am

Are you desperately missing the dream-team of Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange in your life? Well, then we’ve got absolutely the most amazing news ever: The two powerhouse actresses will soon be on TV again — and on TV TOGETHER.

This news actually gets better, because these ladies are coming back together for another Ryan Murphy anthology series (so hot right now). No, it’s not American Horror Story, and no, it’s not American Crime Story; it’s Murphy’s third anthology series, Feud, that will chronicle infamous, well, feuds.

The first season of Feud will follow the making of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, and the on-going behind-the-scenes struggle between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. It’s already been announced that Lange will be playing Crawford, opposite Susan Sarandon’s Davis. This is some 💯 shit, and it only gets better with the addition of Paulson.

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Earlier today, Murphy announced on his Twitter that the 6-time Emmy nominee actress will join the show playing Geraldine Page. Page wasn’t actually in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, BUT, she was nominated for an Oscar that year, and that’s important to the Crawford/Davis feud. And you’re going to have to watch Feud to figure out exactly why this was a big issue back in 1962.

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The show is set to start filming eight episodes later this fall and will land on FX — which, honestly at this point is mostly the Ryan Murphy Network — sometime in 2017. We cannot WAIT.