Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 10:52 pm
jessica jones
Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix

It’s hard to really stand out from the pack when your fightin’ buddies are none other than Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, so leave it to Jessica Jones to find a way. The latest (and probably, last) trailer for Netflix’s latest Marvel series, The Defenders, has just hit the internet, and while yes, it does a fine job showcasing all these heroes for hire, Jessica is clearly not like the others. Because she is better.

She is loud, she is sassy, she doesn’t really take crap from anyone, and she’s more than comfortable cracking open a cold on on the subway. Jessica, never change.

Things Jessica does during the trailer include, but are not limited to: Gets stuck in a closing elevator door, makes fun of Matt Murdock, refuses to play nice with the rest of the guys, makes fun of Danny Rand, throws a giant pipe, makes fun of Matt again, and chugs a beer on the subway. A girl after our own heart!

Marvel actually premiered the first episode of The Defenders at San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s safe to say that Jessica hasn’t actually changed from her show to this. She’s still very much reeling from the death of Killgrave (and no, she doesn’t want to talk about it), and can be found spending most of her time day drinking. But, as Krysten Ritter told the crowd during the panel, it’s all an act.

You can check out all of Jessica’s quips — and watch all the punches she’s bound to throw — when The Defenders lands on Netflix on August 18th.