jessica jones
Credit: Netflix

Our Jessica Jones has come back to us, and we couldn’t be happier.

As in, Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for The Defenders, their upcoming super-suerhero’s how. It really is a super group for some of Marvel’s (and Netflix’s) finest. And even though Jessica is joined by the likes of Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand, she stands out above the rest. Also because it appears she get herself into the MOST trouble. Typical.

(But also we love it, never leave us, Jessica.)

If you’ve been following along with Netflix’s beautiful ‘lil collection of shows, you know that our heroes live in Hell’s Kitchen, and things are quickly going to, well, hell. Though the group clearly does not want to, they’ve got to band together to stop the forces of evil from taking over New York City. Avengers, who?

Not only will our heroes have to face off against the demons in Hell’s Kitchen, they’re also going head to head with Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious Alexandra. Also, the so-not-dead Elektra. Blame Daredevil for that one.

Will our heroes be able to save the day? Probably, come on. Is Jessica Jones going to be the most kickass we’ve ever seen her? Probably, COME ON. Will people stop making fun of the Iron Fist and his name and his glowing fist anytime soon? Eh…

And most importantly: Is it August 18th yet?