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Two-time Academy award nominee, and Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain is basically flawless, yes?

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She’s talented, smart, and an all-around amazing person. And these days it seems like her time is mainly filled with bouncing from Oscar-worthy film to Oscar-worthy film. However, there was a time – BELIEVE IT OR NOT – when this A-list actor spent some time on the small screen.

And not just on any show, either, but on our favorite ’00s super sleuth series, Veronica Mars.

The Season 1 episode, entitled “The Girl Next Door,” featured Chastain as Veronica’s troubled, pregnant neighbor, Sarah.

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(Warning: Spoilers here if you ever plan on watching the episode.)

In the episode Sarah’s troubled single-mom-to-be status becomes a mystery when she goes – DUN DUN DUN – missing. Lucky for her, Veronica (Kristen Bell) gets on the case STAT and discovers all kinds of crazy things, including Sarah’s diary/sketchbook.

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But without giving away TOO many details, let’s just say it gets ~pretty dark~.

Even with a small, guest part like this, Jessica was already showing great promise with her acting chops.

Look at this subtly beautiful EMOTING.

Lesson learned, kids, work hard and it could pay off big someday.