Trilby Beresford
Updated Sep 01, 2016 @ 8:27 am
Credit: BBC Worldwide

Many of us have been glued to our TV screens the last two months watching The Night Of, but the final episodes left a little to be desired…at least according to Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks.

Everything had been going fine until Chandra (played by the fierce Amara Karan) made some, um, shall we say, questionable decisions (aka kissing her client and SMUGGLING HIM DRUGS). Yikes.

Chastain was the first to speak up.

This led to a long thread about how the women’s storylines weren’t handled as well as their male counterparts, which is disappointing for a show that otherwise handles some very complex issues with a lot of nuance.

Banks weighed in, and the two actresses found common ground in their perspective.

And it seems like they’re definitely not alone! false

That is a good question!

Le sigh. This incredibly compelling show definitely lost some ground with this one. However, there have been hopes of a Season 2, which would give the writers an opportunity to win us all back.