Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 07, 2016 @ 4:48 pm
Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

One of the most exciting things in life is starting a new relationship with someone. Also, one of the most terrifying things in life is starting a new relationship with someone, so this is a fun and cool doubled-edged sword! While getting to know someone new might be all sunshine and butterflies, it also comes with the dreaded “talk.” You know what the “talk” is, and it’s one Jess and Robby are forced to have on the latest episode of New Girl.

But since this is Jess — and Robby — the “talk” doesn’t go as planned. Mostly because it’s about 10,000% more hilarious than any “talk” we’ve ever had with our significant other.

In her never-ending quest to finally get over Nick, Jess and Robby are finally dating. Yay!! The two totally mesh well together, and seem like a perfect pair. There’s just one thing: They’re both still seeing other people. Or, Robby is still seeing other people, which leads Jess to panic about the fact that she’s not seeing other people. Hoping to prove to Robby that she can be cool, and ~go with the flow~ (and also make him jealous), Jess makes up a fake guy, and then finds a real date…and because this is Jess, she fails to double-check if he actually speaks English first. Hey, it happens.

This is when Jess realizes in her heart, she doesn’t want to see anyone else. She doesn’t want Robby to see anyone else, either. After a disastrous double-date (with Jess and her date, and Robby and his), the two of them are forced to have THE TALK.

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

The talk for them goes over well, and they both confess they’re into the other. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?? But we totally get Jess’ hesitation to have it in the first place, because what happens if it doesn’t go well, and Robby doesn’t feel the same way she does and Jess is left with her own thoughts, and her thoughts keep going back to Nick?

Oy, we feel so hard for this, and we’re glad Jess and Robby made it work. Here’s to a thousand more falafels for the two of them.