Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 05, 2018 @ 4:08 pm

After sustaining a fall that resulted in necessary brain surgery, long-time Jeopardy host Alex Trebek will take a brief hiatus from taping the game show. On December 16th, Trebek underwent surgery to remove a subdural hematoma, or a blood clot on the brain caused by his accident. He’s been on medical leave ever since, but reported that his healing process is going smoothly. According to Variety.com, Trebek plans to resume Jeopardy taping in mid-January.

The 77-year-old quiz game host began his stint on Jeopardy in 1984 after the show was revived by creator Merv Griffin. Trebek has been a staple of the show since then, and his current contract supposedly runs through 2020. Thank goodness, because honestly, who else could host Jeopardy? The correct answer: Who is no one?

Luckily, Trebek’s hiatus will not affect the show’s airing schedule much. Because Jeopardy films so far in advance, Variety.com reports that we’ll only see a slight schedule shift in April with the College Championship episodes.

Yesterday, January 4th, Trebek posted a video to the Jeopardy website announcing his medical leave and the reason behind it. He thanked fans for reaching out in concern and assured us all that he will be “back in the studio taping more Jeopardy programs very, very soon.”


Fans on Twitter have been sending Trebek well wishes — with wit and humor, we might add.

Get well soon, Mr. Trebek. We need you back in action ASAP to help us get our trivia fix/forever indulge in our competitive streak.