"Supernatural" Celebrates 200 Episodes
Credit: Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Whether or not you’re a Supernatural fan, we know you’re going to be a fan of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Cover Battle winner. The tough battle came down to a grudge match between fan favorites Gilmore Girls, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, and the victor: Supernatural.

According to EW, 2.6 million votes were tallied, beating sixty-three other shows in the bracket. You go, Supernatural fandom!

Now… get ready to… feast your eyes on this:

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We’re not sure if we’re swooning over the picture (hellooooo lumberjack boyfriends — PLURAL, don’t judge us) or over Jared Padalecki’s adorable thank you to fans in the caption. It’s crazy to think that Supernatural has been on the air for twelve seasons, especially since we still think of Jared Padalecki as Rory’s first boyfriend, Dean.

Speaking of Deans, Jensen Ackles (aka Dean Winchester in Supernatural) also instagrammed the cover. Just because we like looking at it…

(As Jensen mentioned, EW included a hidden squirrel and moose on the cover, in honor of the Winchester brothers’ nicknames! Can you spot it?)

Sigh. Those Winchester boys have some seriously good jeans. Ahem. We mean genes. No, wait — we mean both.

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If you want more where that came from, check out the interview with the Supernatural cast on EW’s website!