Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 19, 2016 @ 12:42 pm
Star Trek DVD Release Party - Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles, CA
Credit: Amanda Edwards

Yesterday, we learned that Star Trek 4 is happening (Star 4 Trek? Star Tr4k? Star Trek Again? We’ll come up with a better name later) and that it will include not only Chris Pine once again returning as Captain James T. Kirk, but also his dad, too. In the first Star Trek of this newly rebooted franchise, Kirk’s, George Kirk, was played by none other than Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

It’s cool that the two Chris-s are reuniting again for the upcoming planned fourquel, but can we get Momma Kirk in here, too?

Can someone get Jennifer Morrison on the phone and ask if she’s cool to reprise her role as Winona Kirk??

Credit: Bad Robot
Credit: Bad Robot

Crazy to think about it now, but way before Morrison became one of our favorite kickass (Disney) female heroines on Once Upon A Time, she played Kirk’s mom in the very first Star Trek. Back then, in 2009, she was also playing Dr. Allison Cameron on House, and was about to start on How I Met Your Mother playing Ted’s new GF, Zoey.

But first, she needed to give birth to one of the cockiest Enterprise captains in the galaxy. Also Kirk totally lucked out with having two of the most beautiful people on the planet as his parents.

Credit: Bad Robot / HelloGiggles

Morrison’s role in Star Trek is limited to the very beginning of the movie, but then again, so is Hemsworth’s. If HE can return for the fourth installment of the franchise, certainly someone can find space for Morrison too, right? As far as we know, her character is still very much alive in the current Star Trek timeline so is she on her way to Starfleet Academy RN or WHAT?