Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Jenna Dewan Tatum isn’t really one for the naked selfie on Insta. But last night she posted a pretty revealing pic that got everybody talking — like the time she rocked faux bangs and looked amazing or stepped out with a “razored” haircut!

In this particular selfie she’s wearing black underwear, a robe and some silver jewelry to top it all off.[/header}

And in order to add an element of mystery, Tatum left a caption that invited her fans to watch the apocalyptic No Tomorrow on the CW (which she’s guest-starring in) if they want to discover why she’s running around half-dressed.

So wait, this isn’t at all related to her dance clothing brand, Danskin? Because she’s been doing a lot of that lately, and her outfit would make sense for that.

But nope, turns out Tatum was simply promoting No Tomorrow, and “Tuesday” actually refers to her character’s name, not the day of the week (though she did post this on Tuesday). According to Us Weekly, Tuesday is a “free spirit” who “indulged in naked yoga” with Xavier, so that explains the lack of clothing!

Damn! How did Tatum know that we love a good puzzle?! She’s just that cool.

Have we mentioned how much we love Tatum’s confidence with everything she does?

You go girl!