Briana Hansen
September 21, 2016 3:22 pm
David Livingston/Getty Images

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for another season of the beloved show Arrested Development to come around. It took seven years (and one Netflix acquisition) before we got a fourth season of hilarious Bluth family antics back in 2013. And ever since it they made their comeback, we’ve all been wondering when we’ll get to see them yet again.

While there have been rumors that the fifth season will be underway “soon,” we ~finally~ have confirmation from George Bluth Sr. himself (aka Jeffrey Tambor) that they’re set to film in January of 2017.

During an interview with Today, the multiple award-winner was asked directly about the status of the show (since seriously everybody wants to know). He acknowledged that the mixed messages about the next season’s timing can be confusing but that, as far as he knows, they’re ready for another season.

(Fast forward to 4:10 if you want to hear the exciting words straight from the talented man’s mouth.)

As in… just a few short months from now?! We’ve waited this long, we can *certainly* wait a little longer if it means we’ll really get to see another season of whatever kind of hilarious troubles the Bluth family will be getting into.

Tambor doesn’t elaborate more in the interview on the upcoming production other than that quick (yet juicy) bit of information.

But hearing that he’s got “marching orders” is enough for us to (yet again) watch all the existing seasons of the show in order to anxiously anticipate yet another gloriously hysterical season.