Karen Belz
Updated Aug 24, 2016 @ 5:11 pm
Credit: CBS

Just when you thought Ben Schwartz couldn’t be any cooler, he goes and makes a video about the theory that his Parks and Recreation character Jean-Ralphio is a part of the Stranger Things world. The theory, which has been around for a couple of weeks, goes by the formula “S + N = J-R.” In other words: Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler got together to birth the hyperactive Jean-Ralphio.

There are a few possibilities that he tosses around as to how the two shows intersect, and as expected, they’re hilariously confusing.

In his eyes, Jean-Ralphio is definitely the lovechild of Steve and Nancy — no questions asked. He credits his creation to scared sperm and a traumatized egg. (So, uh — does that mean that Steve grows up to be Henry Winkler? Since that’d be pretty incredible.)

Credit: Netflix/NBC

Yep. This theory might just be believable. In fact, based on the comparing looks, it’s pretty incredible — Jean-Ralphio even has Steve’s eyebrows.

Thankfully, Schwartz went even further with his theory and dreamed up his own storyline.

“Jean-Ralphio probably lived 50% of his life in the Upside Down… but he was super chill, he was super cool in the Upside Down,” Schwartz comments.

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Schwartz thinks there’s about a 100% chance that he’ll appear on “Seasons 2 through 100” of Stranger Things, which might just be the best casting choice of all time. What do you think, Duffer Brothers? Will Schwartz be able to get hit by an ambulance on the show? Will his imagined friendship with the monster be developed?

Yeah, it might run the integrity of the show, but… you’d definitely make Parks and Recreation fans pretty darn happy.