Rachel Sanoff
Updated September 20, 2016 4:13 pm

If you, like the rest of the human population, are obsessively devoted to Stranger Things, then you are absolutely familiar with some of the ~theories~ floating around the Internet. One of our favorite (and one of the most amusing) theories born from the ’80s-inspired sci-fi tale connects the show to one of the most beloved TV comedies of the modern era: Parks and Recreation.

It all started when the Internet began to notice a physical resemblance between Steve (the popular-jerk-turned-somewhat-decent guy and love interest of Nancy Wheeler) on Stranger Things, and Jean-Ralphio (the legendary do-nothing and spoiled BFF of Tom Haverford) on Parks and Rec.


The conclusion was that Steve is the father of Jean-Ralphio, which means that Henry Winkler (who portrayed Jean-Ralphio’s father on Parks and Rec) and Steve are the same person, lololol. Also, Ben Schwartz, the genius who played Jean-Ralphio on the NBC sitcom, has stated his full support of the theory.

But Schwartz just took it one step further — perhaps ~breaking the Internet~.


In this staged video, we see Ben Schwartz meeting an identically-dressed Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington on Stranger Things. “That’s strange,” they utter simultaneously. The caption reads: “Dad and son meet because the Internet.”

Keery then posted this glorious image to his Instagram.

Just teaching your kid to shave — typical father-son activities.