Toria Sheffield
Updated September 16, 2016
Rick Rowell/Getty Images

Any true Bachelor in Paradise fan is familiar with the saga of Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti. It was love an awkward situation that began last summer, when the pair met on Season 2 of Paradise. Ashley fell head-over-heels for Jared almost instantly (like seriously, on-site) and Jared remained super nice but ambivalent throughout the entire season.

They continued their friendship (in which Ashley definitely wanted more) over the past year, at which point they found themselves together — yet again — in paradise this past summer.

But turns out Jared wouldn’t have actually chosen to return to the show had he known that Ashley I. would be there. Which, if you’ve seen their dynamic, makes BUCKET LOADS OF SENSE.

We had a feeling he’d feel this way. After all, he kind of seems like the most decent guy on the planet.

And following up about his relationship with Ashley, he said,

Also doesn’t surprise us (again, most decent dude ever).

And while things didn’t end up working out with Caila this season, we’re seriously hoping him the best. Jared, YOU DESERVE TO FIND (DRAMA-FREE) LOVE!