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Last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin was the episode we’ve all been waiting for since we all collectively decided Jane and Michael were soulmates and no offense Rafael (just us?). Last night, Jane Villanueva finally had sex, aka making Jane a virgin no more! (And no, the title of Jane the Virgin hasn’t been changed.) If you need a quick recap of what’s going on, here’s the gist: After getting shot on the night of his and Jane’s wedding, Michael can’t have sex because he’s still healing — and Jane’s dealing with some issues of her own (letting go of the fact that Michael loves his job being a detective, even though his job is what got him shot). But last night they finally got the chance to HAVE SEX.

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This development in Jane’s life, though, was treated with the complexity and care we’ve come to expect from this show, and it’s SO important.

We’ve been blown away with the care and respect with which the show dealt with Jane’s desire to maintain her virginity until marriage. It’s an unusual stance for a character on a TV show to take, since sex is so often a significant feature of television, and so from the get-go we’ve been curious about how Jane — and the show on a whole — would handle her eventually losing her v card, since she seemed destined to marry Michael or Rafael from the beginning.


Jane struggled initially with losing her virginity, because being a virgin was something she had come to see as part of her identity.

This is a very real experience that women who are of this opinion have, and we’re so glad Jane the Virgin chose to address this challenge. The first time Jane and Michael have sex, Jane fakes her orgasm — which ends up being more of a metaphor for Jane needing to work out her personal feelings on her newfound status as not-a-virgin in order to lead a satisfying sex life with her husband.

Which, really, is pretty much the perfect message. Women should make the decision regarding sex that’s best for them, which might be waiting till marriage for sex, and it might not. But whatever your decision is, the only way to lead a fulfilling sex life is to be honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings and your needs.


Thanks, Jane. We can always count on you.