Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated December 07, 2014 5:03 pm

Chris Beetow, a professional pet illustrator (really, you can go to her website and order a portrait of your pet! Although you’ll have to wait until next year, since she is totally booked this month) who truly gets animals’ vibes. She understands them, and tries to get to know them as best as she can before she draws them.

Beetow wrote on Bored Panda, “Instead of just focusing on what the critter looks like, I try to capture who they are —their quirks, their habits, and the side of them that only their owner sees.”

All of us pet owners know that no matter what, every pet is unique. Every dog, cat, hamster, chinchilla, bird, has a personality unlike any other animal. Like, if Chris Beetow drew my cat, she would totally have to include red horns and chunks of my Christmas tree (no seriously, she demolished a few plastic branches this morning). My cat is truly satanic, but I love her and wouldn’t want her any other way.

Our furry babies are important parts of our lives, so it’s especially awesome that Beetow acknowledges that. Here are a few of her amazingly wonderful, funny illustrations that will make you feel infinitely warm and fuzzy inside:

Echo “The Green Eyed Cutie”

Echo seems like a pretty chill calico, minus her electrifying, key-lime green eyes. She may be cute, but we bet she can be pretty mischievous!

Ralph “The Handsome”

AWW, HEART BE STILL. This golden retriever IS especially handsome —you just know that if he were human he would totally be your prom date.

Roxy “The Sweet Little Pea”

Although Roxy looks a little timid, we can just tell that all she really wants to do is jump in that pile of leaves with you!

Daisy “The Sweetie”

I mean, let’s be real. All pigs are just the sweetest, especially baby ones! (OMG that nose.)

Tilly “The Hungry”

Hey, some cats just enjoy the finer things in life (like snacks), OK?

Vivian “The Meat Lover”

This dainty pooch doesn’t SEEM like she could eat a rib-eye in two-seconds flat, but we know she’s totally game.

Beezer “Who is Obsessed With His Green Toy”

Isn’t it the cutest ever when a pet has a penchant for a particular toy? Beetow describes Beezer as “OCD” which is too, too endearing.

Elliot “The Sleepy”

Oh pets, just living that good pet life! Go ahead, nap all day on the couch, see if I care.

Sprite “The Energetic One”

I still can’t get over that this little guy (or girl) is named Sprite. Can we adopt her?

All images by Chris Beetow, via Bored Panda