Rachel Sanoff
August 10, 2016 2:37 pm
Comedy Central

Ilana Glazer of Broad City is one half of the lady comedy duo of our dreams. You know this.

Comedy Central

Ilana’s real life brother, Eliot, also plays her brother on the Comedy Central show.

Comedy Central

The power siblings have a long history of collaborating together — whether its on viral videos pre-Comedy Central fame or in live comedy shows performed across the country.

In many an interview, Ilana has also described the comedy television network that she and Eliot dreamed up together as children.

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central

In an interview with Design Sponge, Ilana talked about how she and her brother wrote and filmed countless sketches throughout their youth:

“We creepily have hours and hours and hours of this. We had two channels over our young careers, GBS (Glazer Broadcasting System) and KRAP-TV.”

Yup, the yung comedy moguls developed TWO imaginary networks.

And this week, Ilana posted this beautifully earnest home video on Instagram:

The clip shows a young Eliot Glazer professionally announcing to his “audience” at home that KRAP-TV is now GBS. In her excited caption, Ilana explains that her role at the network was focused more on “development,” while Eliot was closer to the “head of programming” lolol:

“this is un be liev a ble. @eliotglazer and i filmed hours and hours and hours of sketches when we were kids. we ‘ran’ a ‘network’ out of our basement — honestly i was more in development and eliot was truly the head of programming. el was so legit about shit… we ‘changed’ network from KRAPTV (invented by our grandpa) to GBS aka Glazer Broadcasting System for our more sophisticated material. this is a bumper eliot created to let… *no one* know we were changing networks. it was like he knew YouYube would eventually be invented? oh man, i love this kid!”

While this sweet clip only features Eliot, lucky for us, the siblings have posted longer GBS/KRAP-TV videos on YouTube, complete with present day commentary.



Their shared and very specific lifelong dream of developing comedy television, combined with the fact that their CURRENT REALITY involves being extremely successful producers of comedy television, is truly moving.

What could Ilana have become, other than a magical comedienne?