Stephanie Hallett
Updated Apr 05, 2017 @ 12:34 pm

We’re going to have to award many, many points for creativity for this one. An Ikea in France made an epic Games of Thrones reference using a toilet, and we can’t stop chuckling.

The store, clearly staffed with some major GoT fans, built a replica of the Iron Throne using only a toilet, some strategically placed toilet brushes, and their silver metal holders. For extra dramatic effect, the Ikea employees mounted a sign above their ~creation~ reading, “Oserez-vous monter sur le trône?” which translates to, “Would you dare sit on the throne?” — a very serious, and potentially fatal question for anyone brave enough to take a seat on the throne (or pop a squat, as it were).

Reddit user rpmdebslack shared the photo this week, noting that “the throne” is a euphemism used in many cultures for the toilet, and “monter sur le trône” is a common French, bathroom-related expression. So double creativity points for wordplay!

The store did a surprisingly bang-up job replicating the Iron Throne, nailing the look of the imposing swords that surround it, and creating a definite sense of impending doom.

And, tbh, if that toilet seat was left up and we tried to pee during the night, there would be very real doom in our lives. You know what we’re talking about.

We hope the management at this Ikea has a sense of humor! Because we’re pretty sure that throne is going to help sales, not harm them.