Karen Belz
Updated August 04, 2016

So, when you hear the word “fan theory,” you’re maybe expecting something a little bogus. But when your bogus fan theory is accepted by someone who actually played one of the actors in question, it becomes way more plausible that maybe, perhaps, the filmmakers wanted to see if anyone would catch the connection.

The theory crosses television show iCarly and the film Bee Movie, two things you probably never would have uttered in the same sentence before. And the theory started out with a tweet sent out by fan Hanaka Johnson back in April.

Johnson concluded that the woman in that still, human love interest Vanessa, is Mrs. Benson from iCarly. And that means that Freddie Benson, the technical producer of the iCarly website who didn’t have a father present on the show… is half-bee. Johnson believes that Benson had a few bee-like qualities, which helped back her theory.

Even crazier, since it was established in the episode “iSpy a Mean Teacher” that Freddie is allergic to bees. Maybe, while he has it in his DNA, it’s why his father isn’t around. Allergies can work in peculiar ways, y’know.

Nathan Kress, the actor who played Freddie, caught onto the theory after it was retweeted a bunch.

Johnson was even interviewed by Buzzfeed, saying that the theory came to her while showering.

“I thought, Wow, Barry Benson…Freddie BENSON,” she said. “Barry Benson dated a human in the movie that looked just like Freddie’s mom. Barry’s gotta be the father.”

Of course, once the theory gained some steam again, some people were outraged. Johnson made sure to set the record straight.

No matter what, one thing’s definitely clear — Johnson has a killer sense of a humor, and a truly creative head on her shoulders.