Caitlin Gallagher
Updated January 04, 2017

Time to say goodbye to cable, friend. Because if Hulu has its way, you’re not going to need it anymore. On January 3rd, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced that Hulu’s live TV service will be under $40 a month. Hopkins had teased the Hulu live service back in May 2016, but now that we know how much it’s going to cost us, we are extremely intrigued.

The other good part is that Hulu just struck a deal with CBS to live stream its shows and programming, along with CBS Sports Network and Pop. The CBS shows will also be available for video on demand watching too.

Hopkins admitted that the company doesn’t have the exact price yet for the live streaming, but he did say the under $40 deal isn’t some promotional promise that will change. With the ever-rising cost of cable, this could be a desirable option for people who want to watch major television events live, but don’t want to be stuck with a hefty cable bill.

One down side is that you’ll be dependent on which companies Hulu has a contract with when it comes to the live shows. But obviously, they are making an effort to include the top networks with CBS and another previously announced 35 channels — like ABC and ESPN — in on the deal.

Hulu’s announcement is pretty much a TV revolution — like when HBO gave us a streaming service without cable. And prepare yourself, since with a projected release date within the first quarter of 2017, the live TV revolution will be here before you know it.