How I Met Your Mother, Season Two
Credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

In case you missed it, good news came out last December that a new How I Met Your Mother spin-off from some of the writers on This Is Us was in development — which is kinda the best of both worlds, right?! Well, now we’ve learned that the How I Met Your Mother spin-off has been delayed, but it’s for a totally legit reason. We’re only crying just a little bit.

This Is Us writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger were set to work on the How I Met Your Mother spin-off. It’s currently called How I Met Your Father, and is basically a reverse HIMYM situation. But, the duo got a promotion (congrats guys!!) to co-showrunners on This Is Us for Season 2 and an overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television. Which, is pretty awesome for them, but will delay plans for How I Met Your Father.

Okay, but let’s take a second to celebrate this beautiful moment for the writing pair.

Credit: 20th Century FOX TV

The president of creative affairs at 20th TV Jonnie Davis had only really sweet things to say about the writers to The Hollywood Reporter:

Well, we have to agree that This Is Us is pretty amazing and lucky to have such talented writers. But it does mean we’ll have to wait longer for the HIMYM spin-off. Guess we’ll just have to………………….wait for it.