Are you still shopping for the perfect gift for your favorite Companion? Well, look no further because Hot Topic has just released a line of Doctor Who clothing and all of it is Time Lord approved.

Following in the footsteps of their awesome American Horror Story line, and stellar Star Wars line, Hot Topic now has shirts, coats, cardigans, and dresses that are perfect for you and your favorite Doctor Who fan. It’s also amazing to see a line of clothing designed specifically for females. Yes, there’s a ton of Doctor Who outfits, shirts and coats there, but there’s never been a “Doctor Who Regeneration Dress” before. This is a first.

The collection is also super subtle for every day cosplay. Sure, there’s the bright blue Galaxy Dress with a TARDIS right on the front — perfect for Comic-Con, or a night on the town, or every day life — so that one’s obvious. As for the others, unless you’re in the presence of other Whovians no one might even realize you’re dressed very similar to the Eleventh Doctor. It’s even got a bowtie!

Along with the dresses, there are a few Doctor Who sweaters in the mix, and the cardigans might be the best. Not only do they look ridiculously cozy, but one of them has Weeping Angels on it, the other has the same color pattern as the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. We’re all going to need both of these underneath the tree on Christmas Day.

The entire collection is available right now in stores and at online at Hot Topic. Hurry over there now to grab them, because blink and they’ll be gone.

(Images via Hot Topic.)