Rachel Paige
Updated September 15, 2016 5:54 pm

In a very rare move — so rare, Netflix has only done it two other times — the streaming service went ahead and pulled the plug on one of their original shows. Canceling a show isn’t an uncommon practice, as it happens literally all the time. It’s uncommon for Netflix, though.

The thing about Netflix is that it’s totally in control of the shows it produces, runs, and streams. Usually, when shows start up on the site, there’s a clear plan in mind as to whether they’ll run for just one season, with 10-13 episodes, or continue on for however long there are stories to tell. Like, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp could have been one and done, while House of Cards could literally go on for 45 seasons. If you haven’t noticed, Netflix gives its show creators a whole lot of freedom.

And that’s why it’s so sad that Bloodline was sent out on a boat into the Atlantic ocean, and then set on fire (that’s a Bloodline analogy, in case you’re wondering).

RIP Bloodline, Season 1 – Season 3.

Netflix is known for being super secret about how many people watch their shows, so we can’t go ahead and blame viewership on its cancellation. However, according to a new report from Vulture, one of the main reasons behind pulling the plug on Bloodline was because it was SO. EXPENSIVE.

Netflix owns their shows outright, and pays studios to keep their shows forever. It’s estimated that Netflix was paying Sony (the studio that made, and will make the last season of Bloodline) between $7 and $8 million dollars AN EPISODE. With a season spanning 10-13 episodes, that means that Bloodine was costing Netflix upwards of $70 million A SEASON.



And OMG. Bloodline was certainly good, and deserves to be watched, but maybe not for the tune of half a billion dollars. That could probably buy like, 15 seasons of Stranger Things — which, supposedly, was done on the cheap side and LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.


Netflix will probably never give us a clear answer as to why Bloodline had to go, and we’re just going to have to accept that. But it was probably money related.

At least we’ll always have the Florida Keys.