If you haven’t finished the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale, you might want to look away — since spoilers are definitely ahead. Since the Hulu show was such a success, Elisabeth Moss already has ideas for the second season, and we’re super curious to hear what she has to say. Playing the incredible lead role of Offred, her character ended things by getting into a black van. What happens after that? We’re dying to find out.

Moss noted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that since Margaret Atwood’s original novel left a little bit of room for interpretation, she’s glad that the show might finally give literary fans some answers.

She also noted that a big plot may be the news she receives — again, a major spoiler if you’re not yet done with the season.

In Moss’s eyes, there are also a lot of avenues that the second season could explore.

It sounds like they have more than enough material to work with. For us, we’ll be waiting patiently to watch it through Hulu.