Karen Belz
January 10, 2017 8:13 am
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Good news, television fans — This Is Us airing once again, tonight at 10 PM. After that horrific last episode, we’ll definitely be watching to see what happens next. But to tide us over before then, breakout star Chrissy Metz discussed the This Is Us cliffhanger with Entertainment Weekly, and hearing her input is pretty important.

Note: If you haven’t caught up with the show at this point, beware. Spoilers are definitely ahead. (And seriously, what are you waiting for?)

The last episode we saw was a beautifully depressing Christmas Eve episode — and while there was plenty of good stuff to happen, it ended with the character of Toby — played by actor Chris Sullivan — having what looked to be a massive heart attack.

The scene happened so quickly, that we’ve been looking for answers since it aired. Even if the character will no longer appear on the show in the present timeline, perhaps he won’t be gone for good — right?

While Metz couldn’t totally give up the spoilers, she did admit that she was as equally devastated by the scene.

(So were we, girl. So were we.)

The good news is, Metz said that the viewers will have answers pretty quickly.

Metz admitted that people have been constantly asking her about the show, and she made a point to credit the writers for creating such compelling television.

Of course, Metz’s character of Kate has a journey ahead of her regardless of Toby’s outcome — during the last episode, she was pretty set on getting gastric bypass surgery.

We’ll definitely be watching and following every second!