Here’s how one of Negan’s victims feels about his brutal death on “The Walking Dead”

Last night, every fan of The Walking Dead was watching the Season 7 premiere with bated breath. We knew for sure at least one character we loved would die, and that Rick’s family would lose a key member. However, we didn’t realize we’d end up with an episode that would be gut-wrenching from literally its first moment till its last. We’re pretty sure we – and all TWD fans, honestly – are scarred for life, and we’re not nearly as involved as the cast and crew. We do have insight to how one of Negan’s victims feels about his character’s death – and, just FYI if you haven’t watched the episode, *** there are giant spoilers ahead.***


If you’re one of the brave (and probably shell-shocked) people who have watched the episode, you know that Abraham and Glenn are both dead. The deaths were awful and brutal, and filming them likely was too. However, Steven Yeun, who played Glenn from the first episode of the series until now, has some surprising feelings about his character’s death which he shared on the live aftershow, Talking Dead.


“You read that comic, you kind of don’t want that to go to anyone else. It’s such an iconic moment and I think I even said, ‘Don’t give that to anybody else.’ It’s such a gnarly thing to say but sincerely, living that out was very wild but at the same time, that moment happening and being realized on television in a different medium and to do it in the way that we did it I think is brave and at the same time super affecting. And for me, that was the motivation to be like, ‘Yeah, that sounds great.’

Fans of the comics know that Glenn is indeed the character who meets his end to Negan’s barbwire-covered baseball bat, Lucille. And while the show switched things up by having Abraham die first, then killing Glenn afterward, Yeun always knew this is how his character on the show could die.


“Personally for me, I think the death in the comic, Robert wrote such a messed up but at the same time incredible way to take something away — to make a story as impactful as it is.

It’s definitely impactful, and while the moment in the comic is definitely scarring, it was more difficult to see it acted out, in color, with gruesome special effects. However, Glenn’s death featured a very touching moment: his telling Maggie that he’d find her.


Concluded Yeun, “I think Glenn died in a very Glenn way, says Yeun. “Still not thinking about himself. It’s appropriate that he ends there, and it’s also appropriate that he kind of puts those last words out there as a final ‘look out for each other.’

While we wish the show could have spared us Glenn being one of Negan’s victims, we do think his death was an iconic moment on the show – one that Glenn as a character, and Yeun as an actor, more than deserved.