Ashley Rey
March 25, 2017 9:26 am
Tom Merton/Getty Images

The showrunner of HBO’s The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof, sent a letter to television critics on the importance of not binge-watching its third and final season. And folks aren’t too happy about it. For one, Lindelof is known for leaning more on the controlling end. And, according to many, the letter was just another way for Lindelof to micromanage them.

But, what’s Lindelof’s beef with how we millennials choose to intake our programming? Well, according to the industry buff, the term “binge” has never been linked to anything positive. Hence, forming an unhealthy relationship with whatever we choose to binge on.

Lindelof’s letter may have been intended for the eyes of critics.

But, that didn’t stop his binge-watching bashing from being passed around the web like wildfire.

In the letter, Lindelof uses food to illustrate his point.

Sure, we feel sad when we’ve reached the bottom of our favorite show’s season. But, never “guilt.” More like “pride in” or “accomplishment for” crossing the milestone that is thirteen, 45 minute episodes. And, that’s something to celebrate.

But, hey! Everyone has their preferences. Who are we to judge?

To be fair, Lindelof doesn’t negate the fact that his inability to hop on the binge train has anything to do with him being “old school.” And, we totally see how that could be the case.