jessica tholmer
June 18, 2017 7:39 am

You may love love Game of Thrones, but do you love Game of Thrones enough  to pass a nearly impossible quiz? We hope so! In preparation for the upcoming season of the show, HBO Nordic has released a new Game of Thrones quiz. Not only is it very, very hard, but it is pretty cutthroat as well! You will almost definitely end up dead.

As soon as you get one question wrong, it’s all over.

This is worse than your SATs. (Maybe.)

Comprised of 60 different questions, we are not convinced anyone can get them all correct on the first go. The quiz takes you season by season, testing your memory if you have not revisited the early episodes in awhile. On our first try, we made it to question four, or as the quiz states, “You survived 3 episodes.”

 You even, hilariously, get to find out how you die horribly. When we made it to 9 questions, we found ourselves beheaded by King Joffery. Man, we lost to that little twerp?? Uncool.

Game of Thrones graces us with its presence again on July 16th — which is less than one whole month away! Take the quiz once, twice, or 400 times until you get them all right and feel prepared for the new season. Or, you know, just watch a few episodes in preparation.

HBO’s campaign #PrepareForWinter has us super excited for the newest episodes of Game of Thrones. Alongside frustrating quizzes that are a blast, HBO is encouraging a good ol’ catch up session with our favorite winter-dreading families.

We cannot wait for the new season!

Meanwhile, we’ll be here, trying to beat this quiz.