Madison Vanderberg
May 25, 2016 4:11 pm

It’s been a sad three years since ABC canceled Happy Endings, a brilliant show that never got to spread its wings and become the Friends that it could have been. Until that fateful day when Hulu or Netflix picks the series back up again, let’s just collectively sob and reminisce about our favorite group of Chicago friends.

1. We miss the way Penny pronounced THIS word.

2. We miss Brad’s signature brand of hyper-feminine masculinity-

3. And how he weirdly overcompensated around other alpha dudes.

4. We miss the show’s many and varied play-on-words.

5. We miss how terrifying Jane was.

6. We miss Alex constantly being confused.

7. We miss how everyone complained that Dave was the worst character, when he just never got an opportunity to fulfill his potential!

8. We miss how much Alex and Dave reminded us of the relationships we’ve been in-

9. And how Jane and Brad reminded us of the relationship we want.

10. We miss Max and Penny’s platonic husband and wife vibes.

11. We miss how unabashedly thirsty Penny was,

12. But how resilient she was too.

13. We miss every word that came out of Max’s mouth.

14. We miss how seemingly silly the writing was.

15. When it was actually incredibly brilliant.

16. But mostly, we just miss our friends Penny, Dave, Max, Alex, Jane and Brad. We miss you guys!