This is just proof that improvisation can lead to amazing things. Hannah Montana star Emily Osment discussed the finale through Twitter the other day and admitted that she made a big change that added a sweet new layer to the last episode. And it all happened with one line.

If it’s hard to recall, Hannah Montana ended with a hug between friends Hannah, played by Miley Cyrus, and Lily, played by Osment, in the hallway of a dorm. Hannah tells Lily that she loves her so much, and Lily responds with a very sweet “I know.”

Osment got a chance to discuss the scene when responding to this tweet:

She said that the line was ad-libbed for a pretty hilarious reason.

Rewatching the video gave a lot of fans a bunch of nostalgia over the simpler times, so Osment and Cyrus found themselves inundated with requests for a revival.

And you never know — it may just be in the cards. This past May, Cyrus admitted that she was approached by the Disney Channel. Since they’re making a new spin-off of That’s So Raven called Raven’s Home, they figured that Hannah Montana might be another good contender.

Unfortunately, as she said to the Zach Sang Show, it probably won’t happen. Because it’s a lot of time she’d be spending with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Her famous father portrayed Robby Ray Stewart on the show, and as she put it, she sees him enough already.

Still, you never know. Perhaps Osment will find herself looking for ways to have the last line once again in the future.