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Whether you’ve read Margaret Atwood’s book or you’ve seen the previews for Hulu’s adaptation TV show, you have probably heard of The Handmaid’s Tale. After this weekend’s unique promotion at SXSW, you’ll also no doubt be diving back into the book, or at least into a wikipedia recap to investigate “what is happening here?”

Of course for fans of the book or the show’s stars, Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel no research is necessary. You’ve been following every detail of this project since the show was announced. It’s Margaret Atwood, Peggy Olson, and Rory Gilmore, what more promotion do you need?

But if you’re still in the dark, this new campaign for The Handmaid’s Tale is both freaky and fascinating.

In an effort to reach folks who somehow missed this, Adweek reports that Hulu passed on traditional billboard promotion and instead placed armies of handmaids throughout the streets of the SXSW conference in Austin, TX. Which is creepy as is, but they kicked it up a notch by having the handmaids honor the story and walk…in complete silence.

That’s just spooky, ok?

In the acclaimed book, handmaids are a social class that exists solely to reproduce and stay out of sight. They are required to wear the uniform of a long sleeved red dress and a white face-shielding hat.

True to Atwood’s book, the Handmaids are walking in pairs to police each other’s behavior. Who else just shivered?

There’s no report yet on what happens if you try to talk to the handmaids, possibly because they remain silent and it’s anti-climatic, or possibly because everyone’s a little too creeped out to try.

The Handmaid’s Tale premieres on Hulu on April 26th, and sounds like it will hit a little close to hom.