If you’re already hooked on “Handmaid’s Tale,” good news: The plan is for there to be *multiple* seasons

Hulu’s latest original, The Handmaid’s Tale, is now streaming, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Like, yesterday. The show follows Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book by the same name and tells the story of a future where women have been stripped of all their rights and are forced to serve others — mentally, physically, and sexually. It’s heavy.

While only three episodes have been released so far, it’s easy to say you’re completely hooked into the show already. And if you’ve seen these three episode (and read the book), you know that things for Offred (Elisabeth Moss) are progressing very fast. Even faster than the book. We’ve also been treated to some things not included in the book, and that might have you thinking: Where the heck is Handmaid’s Tale going??

Short answer: Hopefully to five to seven seasons.

In a interview with Vulture, Moss reveals that she signed a standard five-to-seven year contract with the show. (And also that she only signed this because she was keen to be a producer too and “couldn’t sign on to something that was such a time commitment and not have a fucking creative say in it at this point in my career.“)

That’s not the only indication that Handmaid’s Tale is here to stay.

At the Handmaid’s Tale L.A. premiere, HelloGiggles caught up with creator Bruce Miller, who teases that there’s so much more to see in Gilead.

"One of the frustrations of the book is that at the end of it we want to know more," he explains. "Also, it's so strictly from Offred's point of view, that you don't get a chance to find out much about the other characters, because she doesn't know much. There are little hints here and there in the book that we just expanded into fuller stories. It's meant to be a continuing show. There's plenty of worlds to explore in a book like this. There are other worlds that Margaret mentions in the book that you can spend a whole season covering."

We’ve already seen some of these other worlds with — spoiler alert – Ofglen/Emily’s (Alexis Bledel’s) terrifying ordeal. Just think of what other awful things are out there for us to explore in Gilead. Though we’re already upset about what we might see, we are ready.