Jessica Ellis
August 21, 2016 9:11 am
Annette Brown/AMC

Halt and Catch Fire is one of those awesome shows that always seems to stay just below the radar…remember how long it took for Breaking Bad to catch on? Also on AMC, H&CF is about to return for it’s third season, and that gives you JUST enough time to catch up.

So why should we watch?

Halt and Catch Fire did one of the sneakiest season two turnarounds in TV history. While Tshow started out focusing on two dudes, Lee Pace as Joe and Scoot McNairy as Gordon, trying to build their own personal computer at the dawn of the PC age.

But then stuff got awesome, as season one was a sloooooow pivot to making it apparent that the two main women in the show WERE ACTUALLY BETTER AT EVERYTHING.


Wait, you don’t mean like cooking and taking care of the men’s egos, right?

NO! Mackenzie Davis as Cameron turns out to be a genius programmer, and Kerry Bishe as Gordon’s wife, Donna, evolved from thankless mom in the background to killer engineer and organizer. By the end of season one, the two women had essentially bailed on the dudes to form their own company, appropriately called “Mutiny.”


Are you telling me there’s a show about two women building computers and kicking ass and no one has told me about it??

I AM. And moreover, the ’80s set design and costumes are perfect and will having you longing for Cameron’s amazing punk aesthetic and Donna’s on-point country club styling.

Annette Brown/AMC

Tell me where I may consume this joy?

Both seasons are streaming on Netflix and Amazon, but we’re going to warn you, the show doesn’t start as a feminist juggernaut. Both the ladies get kicked around a lot by the overwhelming egos of their dudes, but that only makes the ensuing takeover and ladybossing MORE awesome. Think “season 6 of GoT” awesome.

You mentioned a sneakier premier…

YES. This morning, TV critic Alan Sepinwall tweeted that there might be a sneak-attack of the premier TONIGHT, TWO DAYS EARLY, on AMC. Might be just a rumor, but then this happened…

Who is RT’ing, you ask? Why one of the showrunners of Halt and Catch Fire himself, Christopher Rogers. That sounds like confirmation to us.

Now get watching, as Rogers and his partner Christopher Cantwell remake a universe in which women rule the computer world.

Oh and PS, Lee Pace looks like this this season, in case you need some scruff with your feminism: