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We love us a good #tbt photo. And we especially love them when they involve famous people (we’re not ashamed).

And yesterday’s winning pic was undoubtedly the amazing ‘80s-era pageant shot of former Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel and Halle Berry.

Yep — turns out they competed in a Miss Teen competition together back in the day!

What, pray you ask, were they doing in such a pageant?

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It turns out that Halle Berry was quite the pageant star in her day, and in fact that’s really where she got her start (albeit, kind of unintentionally).

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However, Berry says that being part of the pageant and modeling world made her transition into acting way harder.


While she may have been successful in landing Oscar-winning roles that didn’t necessarily take her beauty into consideration, Berry’s beauty continues to shine right through. Need more proof? Just check out some of her flawless Instas!

Thank you Bethenny for bringing this to our attention! We didn’t know how much we needed this.