grey's anatomy tessa ferrer
Credit: ABC / Richard Cartwright

You’d think that after 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, we’d be used to the frequent turn around of cast members. Saying goodbye to our favorite doctors should come easily to us at this point, right? And yet, we’re still heartbroken to find out that it doesn’t look like Dr. Leah Murphy will be returning this year, according to TVLine.

ABC’s reps declined TVLine’s request for comment, but sources confirmed to the outlet that Tessa Ferrer hasn’t been seen on the Grey’s Anatomy set.

Even worse, there are no plans for her to make an appearance.

Ferrer joined the show in Season 9 and exited after the Season 10 finale. She returned in Season 13, and now we have to bid adieu again.

Since we feel like we only just celebrated her return, this feels like an especially harsh punch in the gut from Shondaland. And geez, haven’t we suffered enough?!

Our suffering, though, is really only secondary to what’s probably going to be a rough time for Arizona. We also know that despite Eliza’s exit, there aren’t any plans to bring Callie back. And since Leah’s return was supposedly a bright spot in Arizona’s love life, we’re a little worried about our girl!

Listen, all we want is for all of our babies on Grey’s Anatomy to be happy and fulfilled. So, can everybody stop leaving?! (It’s definitely out of concern for the characters, and not out of our own personal emotional states…)

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on September 28th, so brace yourselves for some FEELS.