Another year, another batch of Seattle Grace interns for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy! It took a little while to get used to — the revolving door of actors on Grey’s occasionally breaks our hearts — but we’ve definitely come to enjoy getting fresh faces on the medical drama most seasons. Of course, we love our ol’ reliables. But something new to the mix never hurt anybody.

This year, we’re getting six interns, and we’ve only seen one of them on Grey’s Anatomy before.

Jake Borelli will continue his role as Levi, also known as “Glasses.” He’s already appeared on the first two episodes this go around. And he’s already deep in the Grey’s drama, having slept with Jo.

The other five interns are total newcomers.

And a few of them are newcomers to TV in general, which is kind of cool! It’s neat to think that some of these actors are being launched into their careers in the same way that their characters are starting theirs. Jaicy Elliot is one such newbie, and she’ll play an intern named Taryn. Which will be her first real credit!

Rounding out the team are Alex Blue Davis, whom you might recognize from NCIS and 2 Broke Girls. Jeanine Mason comes from Bunheads (rest in peace!) and will be portraying an intern named Sam. Rushi Kota, who has a few network shows under his belt, will play intern Vik. And lastly, Sophia Taylor Ali, whom you might recognize from Faking It, will play Dahlia.

Credit: ABC

We don’t know much about these newbies yet, but we’re so excited to have them on-board! They’ll make their debut in Thursday’s episode, which ABC summarized as follows:

We can’t wait!