“Grey’s Anatomy” just brought back an unexpected character, and it was so awkward

Grey’s Anatomy has gone through so many characters that, even though we love basically every single one of them, we have to admit we occasionally have trouble keeping track.  Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for more than a decade, it makes sense that actors have come and gone over the years, and there’s actually something kind of fun about it — it feels like people we went to school with, y’know? Sometimes they graduate, sometimes they stick around, but we always have a soft spot for them. So by Season 13, Episode 6, you would think we would be like, “psh, fine, another character is back.” But last night we were kinda surprised.

One of our favorite characters, Dr. Leah Murphy, returned to the show and while we’re pretty stoked about it, it was definitely kind of awkward…


If you recall, before leaving the series previously, Dr. Murphy had a bit of a fling with Arizona. What was first a night of girl talk evolved into something more. At first it seemed like it wasn’t to be — Leah’s slight obsession with Arizona didn’t win her any points, but eventually Arizona caved. (OBVIOUSLY, like, look at her Leah’s cute lil face.) After a sexual harassment lawsuit and Leah’s eventual firing… suffice to say she and Arizona didn’t part on the BEST of terms.


Which makes for some incredible awkward tension. Like. Wow. We’re still cringing.

When Leah returned, Edwards introduced her to Arizona. Hiiiilarious. And although all seems to be well between the two of them for now, we kind of don’t expect it to last. After all, this is Grey’s Anatomy, where nobody can be happy for more than an episode at a time. Fingers crosses that Leah and Arizona find happiness for a liiiiittle longer than average.

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