Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 3:18 pm
ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season Thirteen
Credit: ABC via Getty Images

Hold on tight, Grey’s Anatomy fans, because change is coming to Seattle Grace Hospital and some of you (okay, all of us) are not going to like it. It’s been announced via TV Line that actress Jerrika Hinton, aka Dr. Stephanie Edwards, is leaving Grey’s for good at the end of this season. Um, shouldn’t this kind of decision be put before committee first? There’s no way we’re cool with more actors leaving at this point in the series, and if they must we should be allowed to decide who goes, sort of like a Bachelor-type situation. It’s only fair, Shonda Rhimes!

O’Malley, Burke, Stevens and now Edwards? We’re losing doctors left and right and we’re not okay with it.

Credit: Richard Cartwright / ABC via Getty Images

While the show’s not been officially renewed for it’s 14th season (this news usually rolls out between now and March), we’re placing all our bets on Grey’s not checking out any time soon. With so much story left to tell and a cast that gets only more beautiful as time goes on (seriously, Ellen Pompeo, what’s in your water ’cause you’re aging in reverse and it’s mind-boggling), there’s still life in the long-running hospital drama yet.

Credit: ABC via Getty Images

Jerrika, who started as a recurring character in season 9, became a regular before calling it quits. With an ongoing web series, her casting in a new HBO series and three films in the can for 2017 releases, it seems her career is taking her elsewhere. Good on ya, Jerrika! We’ll miss seeing you down the hospital hall! Do you think the actors get to keep their scrubs? How ’bout the lab coats? A pair of rubber gloves? Come on!