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So, by now, we’re all familiar with The Upside Down in Stranger Things, right? It’s the terrifying parallel universe where the monster (or demogorgon) nearly kills Will Byers and actually kills Barb? In the series, the Department of Energy’s inhumane experiments are based on research of The Upside Down, forcing badass telekinetic heroine, Eleven, to navigate the horrific place in her mind.

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While folks have already considered that Stranger Things could be based on actual creepy-as-hell government experiments, Chelsea Handler’s recent interview of United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, has left us feeling frightened and amazed all at once.

On her Netflix show, Chelsea, Handler began by asking Moniz about the ~fictional~ aspects of the ’80s-inspired sci-fi saga: “On the show they have a ‘Department of Energy’ and they spend a lot of time investigating a parallel universe. What can you tell us about that?”

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Moniz, a nuclear physicist, did not exactly calm our nerves as he applied the question to reality:


Moniz continued to explain that theoretical physicists focus on understanding the basic “structure of the universe” — which means studying higher dimensions:

BRB, processing this information that is simultaneously fascinating/cool af and utterly terrifying.