Today in huh, Penn Badgley says he didn’t really *get* Gossip Girl

Now, that might be confusing to fans of the Upper East Side teen soap because, you know, Badgley played the blogger herself himself. And like, how could Gossip Girl not *get* Gossip Girl? That’d be like if Lorelai and Rory Gilmore didn’t *get* Gilmore Girls, or Veronica Mars didn’t *get* Veronica Mars

Even worse, Badgley thinks this is funny.

Okay, it kind of is, BUT STILL, C’MON, BADGLEY. YOU CAN DO BETTER. And also…um…what doesn’t he get?

Badgley went on to reflect on his character — Dan Humphrey aka Lonely Boy aka Gossip Girl — and he seemed to have mixed feelings.

Like, he loves Dan, but also, only so much?

He continued, “In a way, I’m infinitely grateful, and while being grateful, I’m measured in the way that I regard it. It’s a big defining thing in my life, so it’s like, how do I feel about Dan? How do I feel about Gossip Girl? I love them all. Sometimes you turn the most scrutinizing eye on the people and things you love the most.”

Well, do with that what you will. And you can catch Badgley in a very Dan-like role in Lifetime’s You. Let’s just hope he *gets* this show a little more…