Credit: NBC

The Good Wife is one of those shows everyone should watch at least once. But as much as we love the show, we’ve had a lot of questions about the series’ ending. Luckily for us, The Good Wife’s creators explained Alicia Florrick’s future… and we have hope! In fact, we’re now much less worried about Alicia Florrick and can happily look forward to The Good Wife spinoff.

Apparently Alicia Florick actually had a happy ending on The Good Wife!

In an interview with Variety, Robert and Michelle King said they never meant the ending to be ambiguous and, yes, sad. For those of you who don’t remember, The Good Wife ended when Alicia betrayed her friend Diane Lockhart, got slapped, missed her chance for romance with Jason, and ended up becoming just like her husband Peter, the monster she hated in the first season.

As Robert King explained:

But the creators also wanted to address the “tragic side” of Alicia’s character.

The creators admitted that they worried The Good Wife finale was unclear about Alicia’s fate. They wanted to show that Alicia would end up happy and with her romantic interest Jason. (Jason is played with aplomb by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.)

The creators tried to bring Morgan back to shoot a quick scene that “would have made the status of the Alicia-Jason relationship crystal clear.” But Morgan couldn’t get out of his shoot on The Walking Dead. And Robert King now believes that a shot of “Alicia falling into the arms of (Jason) would have been “too much of a cop-out.” We agree.

Hopefully, The Good Wife spinoff The Good Fight will have a few more laughs. Its cast is amazing, and the more we hear about the plot, the more excited we become.