Scarlet Meyer
January 08, 2017 12:32 pm

Fans of weird television conspiracy theories rejoice! Here’s a bit of strange, insider TV knowledge that is sure to blow your mind! There is a super cool connection between sci-fi hit Black Mirror, and legendary writer/producer Mike Schur’s new series The Good Place, and it totally isn’t something that you would expect! We absolutely love this connection because it is something we would have completely missed, but now that we know about we can’t stop thinking about it!

Both deal with strange themes of “rating” people on a scale like Uber or Yelp, but it gets weirder!

 We’ll back up because this is a little weird (like most good sci-fi, honestly), but Mike Schur and Parks and Rec alum Rashida Jones co-wrote a Black Mirror episode called “Nosedive” that created some serious buzz.

The episode deals with a world where people are rated on social media platforms the way you would rate a restaurant or an Uber ride, and awarded points for every aspect of their life.

If you’re a fan of The Good Place, you’re probably already like “whaaa??”

In Mike Schur’s other show, The Good Place, less than 1% of the human population is admitted into the “good place” of the afterlife, based totally on the point value of all their deeds, good and bad, in their life on Earth.

While it’s very easy to think this connection is because of Mike Schur, since he co-wrote the Black Mirror episode and created The Good Place, this connection is actually thanks to Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker!

According to Schur, Brooker actually provided the outline for Schur and Jones to base their writing off, so the coincidence it just that…a coincidence!

Still, super spooky!

In an interview with Vulture, Schur elaborated on the origin of the system used in The Good Place:

“… people [who] zip through yellow lights way after they’ve turned red. I started, in my head, assigning negative point values to their actions and saying, “That’s  minus 7 points, that’s minus 12 points.” I had the joking thought that maybe, this is all a big video game, and we’re all just playing the video game, and they’re going to have a point total at the end of the day. Then that point total will amount to something, good or bad.”


It turns out Hollywood is a small world after all.

It’s just so nuts that two amazing creators came up with the same basic concept and ended up working together. We’re seriously going to spend time pondering that. And also, coming to a full stop at the yellow light, just in case.