Sarah Terry
January 12, 2017 3:04 pm

When we watched Good Girls Revolt on Amazon, we were immediately inspired by tough, hardworking women that stood up to the patriarchy in a 1960s newsroom. But unfortunately, their story will end early. Dana Calvo, the show’s creator, announced that Good Girl’s Revolt wasn’t picked up by another network, so it’s official done.

Good Girls Revolt originally aired on Amazon, but in a somewhat shocking decision to insiders, Amazon cancelled the series only a few months after its premiere. Since then, fans of the show have rallied behind Dana and the show’s stars Genevieve Angelson and Anna Camp. We all hoped the show would find a new home, and we’re so bummed that it didn’t.

Dana Calvo posted this touching goodbye to Good Girls Revolt via Instagram.

That’s such a lovely, bittersweet tribute. And Dana is right. Good Girls Revolt did feel like it brought us closer and made us stronger, because it dealt with issues that still exist today. Though sexism in the workplace isn’t as overt as it once was, it still lingers. And stories like Good Girls Revolt remind women everywhere that we have the right to fight for what we want. Too few shows exist that provide women with that kind of empowerment, and we regret that we won’t find out what happens next.

The cast joined in to mourn their fabulous show.

It does inspire us that so much of the cast felt deeply about this awesome show. We’re so sad that we won’t see more of what happens from News of the Week, but we hope all of the creatives involved have a new spark to keep on fighting.

And if you can’t quite let their stories go, pick up a copy of The Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich and read the story that inspired the show.

Barnes and Noble /

You can order the book from Barnes and Noble for $10.54.

Even though it only lasted a little while, Good Girls Revolt showed us an amazing group of women working together.  

And we can take that inspiration into all the revolts we have yet to come!