C. Molly Smith
Updated December 22, 2017

After the sudden cancelation of Good Girls Revolt in 2016, many are still holding out hope the show will return — and star Anna Camp is no exception.

The Amazon series told a fictional version of the first workplace gender discrimination lawsuit in the U.S., and was canceled a month after its Season 1 release by then-Amazon Studios head Roy Price. Price has since resigned, after it became known that he sexually harassed a producer working on The Man in the High Castle.

And the reasons for his resignation are, naturally, only fueling the demand for more Good Girls Revolt.

Camp couldn’t give an official update on whether Good Girls Revolt will come back, but she did give us some hope. For starters, she’d “definitely” want to be involved if it lands a second season. “It was such an important show, I felt like,” she told HelloGiggles. “Obviously, it ended way too soon, and we all know the reasons why now that it ended. There’s no updates that I can give. I do know that it’s not dead, still.”

Hey, we’ll take it! That’s a good sign, at least.

Considering the flurry of recent sexual misconduct allegations, an empowering series like Good Girls Revolt is important for obvious reasons.

But the way Camp sees it, specifically, we need a show like this *right now* to keep the conversation going.

She continued, “My sister-in-law, who’s in college, it was something that she would sit around with her college friends and watch…It’s just such a huge conversation starter that needs to keep continuing and not get quiet. So, I feel like it would be important for that.”

Good Girls Revoltlike Pitch Perfect 3, which is in theaters now — is a female-fronted and empowering project. So you might wonder, is that something Camp wants to do more of? She’s certainly open to it.

“I never sought out very female driven, girl power things, but it’s something that I would obviously want to continue to do,” she said. “If I can be a role model to younger women, it’s something that I didn’t seek out as well, but I would love to continue to do that.”

Maybe she didn’t seek it out, but we certainly see Camp as a role model for girls — and we full heartedly support her taking on more projects that allow her to be that.