Credit: Netflix

If you’ve watched Netflix’s new original series, Girlboss, you know how polarizing the protagonist is. But don’t feel bad. Because Girlboss star Britt Robertson understands the hate.

Fictional character Sophia Marlowe is based on Sophia Amoruso, the headline-grabbing founder of fashion brand Nasty Gal. And, well, she’s really, really easy to hate.

It turns out, she’s supposed to be that unlikeable.

That is, according to Girlboss actress Britt Robertson. In an interview with Bustle, she makes it pretty clear that the negative feelings you have toward her character are not unfounded. In fact, they’re kind of necessary.

If you’re like many — according to the Netflix reviews — who stopped watching the show after one episode, you might not know all of Sophia’s transgressions. Eating her boss’s lunch in front of her, stealing, and humiliating her boyfriend can all be counted among her sins.

Sophia is focused on doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. And often, other people’s feelings become collateral damage.

It’s not until Episode 11 that you get some background into Sophia’s upbringing, and the pieces begin to fall into place.

So if you’ve already given up on Girlboss, you might want to revisit the show to get to this pivotal episode. According to Britt, you’ll be totally glad you did.