Karen Belz
January 13, 2017 7:36 am

It was a bummer when we got word that Girl Meets World was ending after three seasons, but luckily, the creator is still trying to keep it alive. It’s been rumored that Girl Meets World might continue on another network, and if this happens, we’ll be so happy — what can you say? Riley Matthews was a big part of our lives.

Michael Jacobs, the show’s creator (and the creator of Boy Meets World) has been in talks with other networks and streaming services. We can totally see it continuing on Netflix — especially with the success of Fuller House.

Jacobs had an interview with TVLine, where he had this to say:

We’ve seen so much support for this show from the cast and crew. It’s so amazing how much everyone truly believes in it! In our eyes, that kind of determination will definitely lead to success.

Director and original Boy Meets World cast member Rider Strong mentioned that Girl Meets World could never get as dramatic as Boy Meets World, based on the network.

Perhaps with a network change, Girl Meets World could have the opportunity to dig a big deeper. In fact, if this all works out, it’ll be good news for everyone.

The final episode of season three will air on The Disney Channel on January 20th. Called “Girl Meets Goodbye,” we’re hoping it’ll be more like “Girl Takes A Brief Pause, But You’ll Definitely See Her Soon.”