Gina Florio
Updated Dec 01, 2016 @ 4:59 pm
Credit: Netflix

There’s a loyal Gilmore Girls fan out there who deserves everyone’s attention, so listen up. A YouTube user by the name of rose tyler has proven she is the Number One Gilmore Girls fan of all time. She has created a minute-long video that includes various scenes from “A Year In the Life,” all set to the classic theme song “Where You Lead.” It’s the Gilmore Girls intro we should’ve had all along.

It’s done in the same exact fashion as the original intro video we saw for the first seven seasons. The opening credits roll in and you see three snippets of every main character, while the theme song plays on. Only this time, you see clips from “A Year In the Life,” when everyone is all grown up. It’s done so seamlessly that you almost can’t believe it wasn’t done by the professionals who have worked on the Gilmore Girls set for years. rose tyler uses the same fonts as the original, and the timing is succinct.

It’s complete with Lorelai doing the goofy things we’re so used to her doing, Jess playfully ripping off Luke’s hat, Michel waltzing around at the pool, and, of course, Rory and Lorelai gazing lovingly at food and hugging each other. It’s divine.

The intro song of the opening credits was performed by Carole King and her daughter Louise Groffin, and it gives us pangs of nostalgia every time we hear it, so it’s only appropriate that we’re given this gift one last time.

Fans everywhere will forever be indebted to rose tyler, whoever you are, you angel.